#Brewday first Party Gyle and Brewpi Spark build

Just a quick update on several Brewdays.

The Last batch of Holy Purple Cow wasn’t right and managed to pick up an infection, It didn’t taste the same as previous batches with a slight old orange chemical taste, This will probably put an end to my yeast harvesting and freezing project.

on the 30th of September I brewed a stronger version of my Black IPA weighing in at 8.5% slightly modifying the recipe to use Columbus as a mid Hop addition rather than the usual Chinook. Safeale US-05 was used to good effect. Very easy to drink but not a session Ale 

On the 19th of October I did my first ever Party Gyle !  It was also the inaugural mash of the new 100qt Igloo.  (95L)

Zod 100Qt
Sparge arm working well

In retrospect  I think that I OVERDID the split batch  12kg of pale malt and 500g each of Crystal, Caramalt and Torrified Wheat the first runnings formed the base for  An imperial Pale ale, it came out with an OG of 1.092  and a F.G of 1.019 = 9.5% ABV a bit too strong I should have liquored it back a touch. Hops used were Columbus,Centennial and Citra in the Boil and Centennial for Dry Hopping. it’s currently conditioning…


For the second Runnings I added 72g of biscuit Malt, 250g of Chocolate Malt and 350g of Black malt and let it recirclulate for another hour. This batch was slightly larger and formed the basis for a Chocolate Vanilla Porter at an of OG 1.056 and an FG of 1.012 it weighs in at 5.6 -5.7%  Hops used in the Boil were 35g of Home grown Brewers Gold and 18g of home grown Cascade. 100g of Cacao nibs soaked in Kraken Rum  and 1/2 a vanilla pod were added in the secondary for 7 Days. I’m very pleased with the result.. I don’t think it will last long…


1.056 ish

The Brewpi Spark is underway albeit slowly….

I’m not too sure of the Blue  front panel Colour and I am awaiting a 12v psu and IEC panel mount connectors. I plan on using this regulator for the particle / spark  ..


and I am still very undecided on how to implement the connectors for the Temperature probes. Do I stick with the 5 pin DIN as per my previous build or use an Neutrik ethercon and use ethernet patch cables for interconnects or both or even try and implement Elco’s RJ12 interconnect….?

IMG_0171 IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182