Building the BrewPi (The- Arduino version)

Since I started off with the STC1000  in a metallic project box and I used  UK 3 pin mains sockets for the switched outputs, I decided to keep the transportable nature of the control box when I made the BrewPi . Both the Fridge and heater are relatively low power devices so I Finally chose to use IEC sockets rated at 10A with a trailing single socket, more than adequate..

My first attempt though had fixed power tails and was  built using the DIY shield that Elco had published on his website

The MK I BrewPi enclosure

I then came across an old instrument that was being scrapped and soon after the BrewPi Mk II came into existence.

Now Complete with Elco’s Rev A shield and an  internal 5V PSU which means you can power both the RaspberryPi and the Arduino from one box. !


From the above to the Below

However   I wanted to tinker with the system which I couldn’t do whilst a brew was in the FV and when I came across another old instrument, I built another 


My Dev system has several changes, switched mains Input, resettable fuse, only a heat and cool output, 2 probe sockets, now with 5 pin DINs , one wired up as a 4 core and the other wired up as just a probe input. The dev system  started off with another version  Elco’s DIY shield but then as things developed and code was updated and streamlined  in the master branch  I decided to butcher the 1st build DIY shield and make it as close to Elcos purchased REV A shield, so that I could use the newer www and script branches. This has left me with a problem, an easy one and a hard one. The easy one is there are no mosfets on board to drive the relatys but teh arduino can easily drive the SSR’s so all i have to do is change the logic levels in code for the  on and off states. The hard one is the display was 4 bit mode parallel and  I decided for ease of connecting to the existing molex  to try and use an I2C display. A challenge to say the least as I’m not a C++ programmer. A lot to learn and hopefully a lot to gain in the process of trying to convert the display class ..

20130523-173540.jpg IMG_4016
My DIY Shield- not suited to being Butchered Elco’s original DIY shield – butchered