@BrewPi Latest Brew profile histories

On Sunday   just before I Dry hopped the Citra brew I recompiled the BrewPi binaries for my Leonardo rev A and C shields to take into account the profile bug I came across. I also took the opportunity to shorten the fridge on /off delays a little , I think it’s helped in reducing the yoyo-ing a little. I am also using a thermowell (thermopocket) in the Black IPA  FV for the first  time Cool

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 08.04.13
BlackPi doing a profile to ferment Black IPA
Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 08.03.45
GreepPi hitting it’s 20c target to dry hop the Citra

#Brewday Roundup

Well that was a successful Brewday. The coin was tossed  and A Black IPA was made ..
The brew didn’t quite go as planned what I Thought was a 1/2 bag of crystal Malt was Biscuit Malt so I subbed Black Malt into the mash instead !

Recirculating the Black IPA

After listening to a Beersmith podcast on American IPA I decided to keep the mash temperature down to 64.5 and mash for slightly longer so the  OG came out  at 1.066, Slightly lower than the estimated 1.072 but hopefully it’ll be nice and light…

Sunday was transfer day / dry hop time for the Aussie Citra. Dry hopped with  21g of Citra i’ll leave it for 3 or 4 days and then Keg it ! 
OG 1.050 and at the time of transfer into the Secondary it had dropped to 1.010, so it’s 5.2% and i’m looking forward to it.

#Brewday Black IPA or a Chinook IPA Tomorrow’s choice !

Tomorrow it’s going to be a BrewDay Cool

I’ll toss a coin in the morning or if there’s enough comments  from people i’ll go with the flow…
decide if it’s going to be  the Chinook IPA or the Black IPA! ….

The Chinook has just Chinook hops where as my Black IPA has Chinook, Bullion,Summit and Cascade… both are Dry hopped Big Smile

I’ll take votes up until I start…

Something isn’t right …

Since i’ve introduced the second fridge  into my BrewShed, I seem to have had nothing but trouble with the BrewPi’s !
My latest woes have been with what is normally my rock solid Black Pi system ! The beer sensor has started to disconnect Cry
I’ve tried two during my latest brew and both have disconnected at random intervals. The GreenPi  system also keeps disappearing  from the network…

I hink the newest  fridge addition is the most likely culprit and  might be in  need some extra  suppression …..

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 22.15.35
 4 drop outs into idle mode


Hey after posting on @BrewPi forum it looks like I found a Bug in the update temperature codeCool

False Bottom update

I posted about my False bottom mod with the Silicone sealant on the 13th of Jun.
Well The Silicone I used retained the petro chemical smell Embarrassed
I  did an Anchor steam Clone brew  about a month ago and it’s tainted the taste Ahh!. So the Sealant has been removed, Tricky stuff to get off the Stainless Mesh, lots of Cutting, Pulling and then Brushing with a Wire brush !

Last night I applied HA6 aquarium safe sealant , says its safe for fish and doesn’t contain or release any nasties when cured. Lets see how this goes…