My name is Richard Page


This Blog site started off as a diary of my progress of tasting Beers in the ‘1001 Beers to try before you Die’ book. It was given as a Christmas present by my late father, Peter Page,  who died in February  2012…… hence the year long break in posts. During this year  though , I took up home brewing, and the site is now more aligned with my brewing antics …

Cheers Dad



My late Father and Eldest Son
My late Father and Eldest Son Edward out Geocaching

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice builds on both the BrewPI versions!
    One question – if building the particle brewpi, where do you connect the DS18B20 temp sensors? i cannot make it out of the PCB, since they usually have 3 wires, and a 1-10K resistor between signal and vdd.

  2. Hello Richard!

    Are we talking about JP3? And pinout is (left to right on pic) – VDD – Signal – GND ?

    If so, how does it work using multiple DS18B20’s on this unit – you have to add their ID, or do you assign them after connecting each one of them?

    I’m looking to build controller for dual fermenters, and i see that the function is on the way for the Spark according to BrewPI forums – so i just wondered how brewpi knows which sensor is which when you have one input?
    Please drop me an email with info if you have time 🙂

  3. Hello.

    I’ve built a couple of BrewPi (Photon) units based on your rev2 PCB. You did a good job there, easy to build and seems like a solid design. I’m no Eagle expert myself, so I’m just wondering if you also possibly at some point may consider making a similar easy to build layout on the onewire SSR boards that Elco? 🙂

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