My @brewpi Based HERMS Panel takes shape… well a bit more in Shape !

This weekend we should have been seeing friends but unfortunately this didn’t happen (I missed out on BeerTownMalton and the NCB meeting in Sowerby Bridge too )  so …
I made a bit more progress on the HERMS panel. The LV side is nearly complete.

LV side nearly finished
LV side nearly finished

For Power I used a reclaimed  WII PSU  12v @3.7Aand a 12-5 v step down board with USB ports to power the Raspberry Pi and the spark shield,  I need two more heatsinks after my failed attempts at using an old CPU heatsinks…

Copper follies
Copper follies didn’t think copper would be hard to work with.. wrong…
managed to break several drill bits and two Taps:-(

and I need to get some more DS18B20 probes. The previous batch from an Amazon supplier ‘Tenflyer’ just don’t Work. ! so either its’ a faulty batch ..or… their wire colour code is wrong ! so thats 5 x RJ45 connectors wasted… I even went so far as to chop the RJ45 off one and splice in a known working probe from another supplier, all to check the RJ45 was crimped ok.. it was…!

checking out the bad batch of DS18B20's
checking out the bad batch of DS18B20’s connected to the RJ45 board..

So Now to decide on HV outputs and switches and protection…. !
Do I go with wires tails from the box bottom or go 16A CEE and switches in the Door Panel ?outlet $_103

or a combined interlocked 16A CEEinterlocked

decisions, decisions …

My PartiGyle brews are coming along and will be swapping into secondaries soon.  did notice some odd swinging from the new @BrewPi spark thats now on the fermentation fridge so I have just updated the firmware to 0.4.3 hopefully it will settle down.

a bit bouncy with the 0.42 f/w hopefully better now at 0.43
a bit bouncy with the 0.42 f/w hopefully better now at 0.43


Just a few @Brewpi screenshots

Just a supplemental post to my earlier PartiGyle brewday…

Two screenshots of the fermentation logging on the BrewPi’s

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 19.08.13
1St runnings —Simcoe – Citra DIPA Profile to have a nice clean taste ? (BrewPi Spark)
Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 19.09.19
2nd Runnings — Coffee Porter with BrewPi set to fridge mode  (Original BrewPi rev C )

The Coffee Porter was a little cool and took a while to reach temperature but once it had and the yeast got established it shows a slight free rise in temperature due to yeast activity.

Another Partigyle Brewday and @Brewpi spark progress

It’s been a busy Extended Weekend !
Foundations for the shed are now extended , they just need to cure before the Egyptian style roll back happens..

Foundations Extended
Foundations Extended

Friday the 15th saw me doing another PartiGyle,  this time using 10Kg of base malt . Ist runnings used for another DIPA a Simcoe -Citra based brew hopefully coming in at 8% ABV and The second runnings used for a Coffee Porter  .Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 13.02.52

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 13.03.36

jury rigged Old Brewpi and insulation..

The 1st runnings gave me an OG of 1.075 so it should hit the 7.9-8.0 % mark The Second runnings were just left to steep and not recurculated and came in at 1.036  a little low….
Since the Brewpi fridge in the Shedquarters has the Simcoe-Citra brew in it I have had to have the Porter fermenting in the Cellar ..

I have also progressed a wee amount on the Brewpi Spark for Herms Control. The RJ45 board has arrived and I have made a mounting for the Spark Shield to go onto the DIN Rail in the cabinet.

Spark Shield and Power Regulation board
DIN rail Mounting
RJ45 and RJ12 Adapters
RJ11-RJ45 scribblings

#BrewDay HERMS and @BrewPi Spark RJ11

Easter saw me upgrading my HLT to have a SS coil for HERMS Mashing, All went well and I was very impressed with the Q-Max cutter used to punch out the correct hole size for the BSP fittings.

SS Coil
SS Coil

So on the Tuesday after Easter  I tested the HY HERMS setup by doing a Pale Ale , Using my 2015 season Homegrown Brewers Gold Hops for Bittering. I used a recipe based on Rich’s Brew.


OG was a little under spec at 1.042 but apart from that Everything went well and the Wort came out of the Plate heat exchanger at a nice 21˚c.

Rolling boil
Boil just about underway
Starsan being used to kill off things even though it’d been boiled for 20 mins 🙂

Progress on my BrewPi based HERMS controller has stalled a little ! I couldn’t get the cables from my probes into the RJ11/12 plugs

Won't fit
Won’t fit

I have abandoned the RJ11/12 plugs in favour of RJ45’s

RJ45 crimped
RJ45 crimped

and so intend to have both RJ12 and RJ45 Din rail mounted adaptors fitted to my panels that I can use official BrewPi merchandise as well as home brewed, I could even use Cat 5 patch cables for interconnects…. I just have to wait on delivery from Audiowind..

RJ12 Din Rail adaptor
RJ12 Din Rail adaptor

I am not quite sure why Elco decided to use RJ11/12 but i’m sure it doesn’t matter in the long run….