Another Parti Gyle #BrewDay Chest Hair and Black IPA

Friday 30th Jan was another Brewday. A slightly later than planned start, I slept in 

I used the same quantities of  Malt as the last Parti Gyle and achieve a similar SG 1.093 for the brew from the 1st runnings ignore the dry hop quantities as it’s likely to change ..

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 14.59.14
chest Hair 1st Runnings

The second runnings has an SG of 1.040 so  Ive inserted a  quantity DME  to get the numbers to match as a rough guide for he Black IPA

Black IPA from 2nd Runnings
Black IPA from 2nd Runnings

95L igloo in action..


Yesterday saw the BeerBuddies club meet up for an other afternoon at Saltaire Brewery’s shop/bar., a very pleasant afternoon with a bottle swap and tasting taking place. In attendance were Pete,Gaz,Tom,Paul and myself. We sampled some of Petes christmas Ale, a bfew sips of Pauls infected bottle of pale and   Tom’s 2014  Vintage Russian Imperial Stout, Tom and Gaz had to go outside to open it for the tasting as Tom Said it was a bit lively which it proved to be. as I came down to find the following this morning !

It literally blew the arse out of the bottle… Pity I was looking forward to it !!

Tom's RIS Bottle on the floor sans its bottm
Tom’s RIS Bottle on the floor sans its bottm
Toms RIS contents  + Bottle Bottom
Toms RIS contents + Bottle Bottom
The bottle !
The bottle !