@kernelbrewery table beer a #BrewDay

Saturday 6th June

At the end of last month I had a really nice Table Beer by the Kernel Brewery, really tasty, lots of nice hop flavours from the Summit and Citra and bottle conditioned too.


There was plenty of yeast sediment in the bottle so I decided to try and cultivate it.. After 4 days it looked like this…

A healthy looking starter

So a table beer brew was formulated in Beersmith for a 23L batch , the bulk (2.8Kg ) Maris Otter some oats (500g) and Torrified wheat (200g). and mashed at 72˚c, higher than my normal temperature to hopefully give it a bit of body. I also batch sparged…

1st runnings
1st runnings

I decided to emulate the Kernel brew and used Summit for bittering and Citra for mid and late additions. This time the brew went without a hitch and before long I had a nice a nice clear wort .

Cold break material sitting on top the thermowell
nice cold break- clear wort
spot on the prediction
spot on the predicted OG

Just Before adding my Kernel yeast culture I had a little taste, to make sure it wasn’t ‘wild’,  the starter didn’t take long to get going and the first swirl  4 hours later resulted  in a satisfying stream of bubbles from the blow off ….

For the Ferment profile I decided to keep it at 20˚c for nearly a day then drop it to 19˚c and hold it for 3 days and then over the next 8 or 9 raise it up to 23˚c. (I’ll edit the post and put up the profile later..)