May Brew – Cleveland Steam

After Correcting my old Brewpi PID values this went as anticipated.
Since I was using home grown Northern Brewer hops from 2018, I reconfigured my boil kettle to have the old flat plate filter.

Everything went well and the OG came in at 1.054-55.

I’d decided to use the collected yeast/trub from the BlackIPA after it was cold crashed. This was under pressure in the fermzilla, so was just squirted out using a ball lock beer connector and tube straight into the FV. Fermentation started very quickly and fas finished by the end of day 3 ! The FG came in at 1.016 making it 5.2%.

After 5 days of slow carbonation clearing nicely

May Brew – Not a BlackIPA

I finally drank enough beer to brew some more !
I’ve done 2 brews in May one brew was meant to be a rerun of my Black IPA and the other was a version of a California Common.
The Black IPA on the 9th of May went slightly awry ! The old version of Brewpi didn’t have the right PID values and as a result the mash temp overshot .. This meant I had an amount of hard to ferment sugars and the fermentation finished earlier than I wished. Even the usual rousing and the addition of Amylase enzyme didn’t restart it.

Mash Log for Black IPA

The OG was 1.074 and the FG ended up at 1.027 making it 6.3 % but it was too sweet for a Black IPA . Cacao nibs, Tonka beans and Vanilla to the rescue . 150g of Cacao nibs were roasted for 15 mins at 170ÂșC and 2 Tonka beans were ground up and added with the dry hopping. After leaving for a couple of days and then sampling it just didn’t sit right on the palate, it was too bitter ! I added 3 TSP of Vanilla essence to get it balance right…

Original Recipe