Homebrew Competition Brew – Euro/British IPA @WishboneBrewery

I originally wasn’t going to Brew for this competition but a cheeky day off before we went on Holiday to Norfolk and it’s a go !
I went with  5 hop varieties,  Fusion,  First Gold, Hallertau Blanc, Olicana and Pioneer.

Brewday on the 8th of July went straight forward, with the Brewpi Herms in charge .

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 22.57.13
HERMS profile
Awaiting more Wort
Mid Hop addition

Whilst on Holiday  another BrewPi Controller monitored the fermentation and the new Baronbrew TlLT  measured the SG


As soon as I was back from Holiday it was put into the secondary and dry hopped.

Colour check 🙂

Today it’s been bottled and Kegged after 3 days of being Dry Hopped. OG 1.064 FG 1.013  approx 6.7 % and I am looking forward to trying it in the next 2 or 3 weeks, best make sure there’s enough left for the competition……

Northern Craft Brewers UK Hop Black IPA

One or Two of my Brewing Friends belong to the Northern Craft Brewers group (They have a website but most of the day to daystuff is on their facebook group page) . Our small group of brewing friends regularly communicate using a whatsapp group created after the breakup of the Olicanabrewing home-brew group..  ‘Bromo‘ shared a recipe for an upcoming competition in October. He asked for feedback and comments, after several of our group commented and gave him feedback, I thought I’d have a go myself, what the heck…. a little bit of friendly competition never goes amiss.

So I Used Beersmith to do my own recipe

Caputre 2016-06-20 at 15.34.10

As mentioned in my previous post the brew day went slightly awry after the element in my HLT failed just as the mash profile was about to be fixed using my BrewPi configured to do HERMS. I Also decided to use Propino malt as the base malt instead of my usual default of Maris Otter.

The OG came in at 1.060  a little below par but I decided to keep it as it came out instead of boiling it out further to get a higher OG.

After 5 days in the primary FV loosely following a profiled fermentation I transferred into the secondary

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 13.31.45
Profiled ferment

During its time in the primary my Brewometer/Tilt arrived from the USA , so at the time of the transfer I sanitised it and popped it in .

Brewometer Tilt
Brewometer Tilt

This has tracked the Secondary Fermentation, giving me a visual indication for the ideal time when fermentation has all but stopped to add my Hops for the Dry Hopping.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 12.25.37

I took the opportunity to sample the brew before the dry hopping. My Initial conclusion was not enough hops, the back bone was a little too malty and it didn’t have that Crisp Hoppiness that its American Cascadian cousins have ! Lets see what 3 or 4 days of dry hopping  at 14˚c brings to the palate…….