Holiday Brewing

Over the month of August, I take off most Fridays and of course we have our holiday. I managed to do two brews, a Chocolate Oat Milk Stout and a Simcoe IIPA, But dry hopped with Citra, or will be when it’s out of the primary.
Both brews have under performed and I’m putting it down to the Thomas Fawcett malt which I have used for the first time! Compared to the Warminster Maltings it is very powdery and seems to have a high percentage of unmilled kernels !
The Chocolate Stout OG came in at 1.065 but FG only came in at 1.020 giving it a 5.86 % ABV instead of 6.8 %, during the mash the sparge stuck …and I’m not sure how much the 500g of Cocoa powder in the last 5 mins of the boil will have effected the OG if at all…

Chocolate Oat Milk Stout
Chocolate Oat Milk Stout

The Simcoe-Citra IIPA only achieved an OG of 1.066 instead of 1.076 even though the mash profile and temperatures were pretty much spot on !
Below is the Temp plot of the ferment left in the capable hands of the @BrewPi Controller whilst we were in a log cabin on the outskirts of Keswick in the Lakedistrict

@BrewPi Controlled Ferment Whilst we were away...
@BrewPi Controlled Ferment Whilst we were away…

and… Whist we were away it was the Olicanabrew meeting, quite an important one as the club is to have a presence at the forth coming Addingham Festival early October. I have been paired with Gaz and together we have been tasked with producing a session Pale Ale. We will be meeting shortly as timings are very tight for a collar brew !
In anticipation before our holiday I bought a larger Vessel to be used as a FV , a 60 L food safe barrel so I have the capacity to do a firkin… But after a call with Gaz I think we might only be doing a 20L polypin ….

New 60L FV
New 60L FV

Just a Quick foot note the air was as blues the new FV this afternoon when I bottled the Chocolate Oat Milk Stout, I had 20 paired up and in a line ready for the crown cap to go on when I knocked something off a shelf… 3 1/2 pints of Stout on the Cellar floor 

@olicanabrewing brewers …What Maltster is your favourite?

I normally buy my Pale Maris Otter in bulk. I have in the past mainly used Warminster Maltings and have had good results with them, recently I tried Thomas Fawcett but of the two brews I have done with it , one stuck on sparging and the other didn’t achieve the efficiency I normally get with Warminster malt !
So to the Olicanabrew members, What Malster do you use ? In fact I’ll open the question up to any other brewer who reads my blog …