Dana’s Delight #Brewday, Olicanabrew evening

Tuesday evenings Visit to @IlkleyBrewery for the first  Olicanabrew meeting looked like it was a roaring success lots of friendly people and very well supported by the brewery staff, thanks for making it a free event. I bought my Ticket for the next one before I left and I also have to thank Mary for being taxi driver and joining in with the Brewing conversations, I’ll have to investigate the train timetable from Guiseley for the next one Laughing.

I started late on the planned #brewday as a trip to Abbey Homebrew in Kirkstall was needed to top up my grains as the BrewUK parcel didn’t arrive until late afternoon (I also needed two new tyres before the white stuff appears on our roads !)

This is the second of the brews that I am doing for the Christmas period . I decided to do one that everyone seems to like and is easy drinking,  Dana’s Delight  a SMaSH Using Dana Hops, just spotted an error the Irish Moss should really be 1 tablespoon not a teaspoon as shown.. !

Dana's delight

the other Christmas Brew done the previous saturday is still in the brew fridge, following a profile

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 20.36.46

Here’s the recipe based from Beersmith repository suitably scaled for my equipement.

Chinook IPA recipe

Olicanabrew @Ilkleybrewery

It’s the Olicanabrew evening at Ilkley brewery tomorrow evening. Looking forward to free Beer and Pies  Smile 
Hopefully I won’t be too hung over for my planned brewday on Wednesday, I’m  planning to make another  Dana SMaSH ready for the Christmas Hols, although I might have to go searching for more Maris Otter if the @BrewUK order doesn’t arrive in time..
The big question is for the Olicanabrew night which of my Home Brews should I take? and an even bigger question How Many ? 

more on @brewpi ver0.3

Hmm here’s the screen shot from this morning, the fridge without a beer in, just set to stay at 4.5 c

brewpi screenshot
Capture of my greenpi

There are a couple of things to note..

  1. The beer sensor trace dropped out and didn’t restart.
  2. The Temperature box is Blanked
  3. When enabling the room temperature the graph doesn’t rescale and won’t go full scale even when refreshed.

This was captured using safari on my mac and I couldn’t see how to manipulate the graph, unlike when I looked at the Green BrewPi interface using my iPad, I could manipulate the graph to my hearts content, pinch, drag etc it worked fine, .. too much bias towards mobile devices ?

Tonight it’ll beTime for me to track down that commented out line in the Beer-chart.js file to re enable the range selector bars and possibly look to see why the beer sensor isn’t re enabled !


After looking through the code for the arduino the beer sensor will only get restarted if its in mode is beer (profile or constant) hmm i’d still like it to restart and log the beer temp !  Although maybe thats my autistic side coming out, if it’s stopped when it was going, get it going again even though it’s not really needed, I think i might have to see if I can live with that one…Although what if you want to log  in the off state to see what heat  gets generated by the yeast activity ? Maybe i’m pondering too much on the inconsequential  ! Oh Really?

Updated @BrewPi to 0.3

Well this is a small update..

Just updated my GreenPi system with the rev c  shield to the latest 0.3 version.

At first I did an update/upgrade  to the system and then installed the update tools and ran the update script. this worked well, although when it asked for a username to pop changes to my system  I was slightly fused.  I just hit enter and let it go. the script updated  the software on the Pi  and when it had finished I then reflashed the Leonardo to the latest firmware. After a restart my usual web interface appeared as the update script had preserved my changes to index page and beer panel, the downside was I still was using google docs for the brewing profile, so I Decided to run the install script in the tools directory.  Nice new interface then appeared compete with the new localised Beer profile, Nice, really nice, a lot of effort has gone in ,  but my simple changes to show the system name was now gone, I thought this was going to be  incorporated into the code base a while ago but hay ho,  easily put back, probably my fault for not being vocal enough as I’ve been absent from the Brewpi forums for a while, but it does mean i’ll have to spend some time and effort to GIT and try and incorporate my changes, it probably won’t happen, family life & all that…

hmmm where was he code to put the zoom sliders back onto that graph?

My first impressions are that its oscillating a bit in Fridge mode, should I leave it or reset to defaults ? I’ll leave it overnight to see what happens… if its still oscillating then I’ll blat it …