A Short Update – a long time coming

Well it might appear to people that I’ve stopped brewing, I haven’t it’s just time and work and tiredness that’s got in the way 🙃.

Recent brews include a Raspberry N Vanilla pale, brewed New England style with 17% oats, a Rooibos and honey tea ale, nice but a bit of a high ABV for general quaffing. A double split batch af wheat beer, a Mango ¬†fruit beer for the NCB Competition at Wishbone brewery and a couple of split test brews with different fruits before the competition . I’ve had a couple of gushers from that initial bottled test batch due to large amounts of fruit pulp over fermenting in the bottle 😳.
Here’re a few of he recipes

All brewed with the brewpi and Tilt, although I have had one or two issues with the Tilt and yeast coating the top and affecting the readings as can be seen below.