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My First competition Win @WishboneBrewery , @themaltmiller , NCB and @crispmalt

Just got back from my First ever competition.

WoW I got 1st place.

IMG_1747 IMG_1741

I’d just like to say thanks to the Northern Craft Brewers, Wishbone Brewery, The Maltmiller & CrispMaltings Group

2nd Place – Graham Tacon, 1st Place – Me, 3rd Place – Paul Shore.

and as usual here’s the recipe

Edit:  just changed the recipe to update the Yeast I used ..NBS West Coast Style Ale Yeast  and a slight reduction in the amount of propino as I added some torrified Wheat for head retention.

if you use beersmith here is the recipe

more on @brewpi ver0.3

Hmm here’s the screen shot from this morning, the fridge without a beer in, just set to stay at 4.5 c

brewpi screenshot
Capture of my greenpi

There are a couple of things to note..

  1. The beer sensor trace dropped out and didn’t restart.
  2. The Temperature box is Blanked
  3. When enabling the room temperature the graph doesn’t rescale and won’t go full scale even when refreshed.

This was captured using safari on my mac and I couldn’t see how to manipulate the graph, unlike when I looked at the Green BrewPi interface using my iPad, I could manipulate the graph to my hearts content, pinch, drag etc it worked fine, .. too much bias towards mobile devices ?

Tonight it’ll beTime for me to track down that commented out line in the Beer-chart.js file to re enable the range selector bars and possibly look to see why the beer sensor isn’t re enabled !


After looking through the code for the arduino the beer sensor will only get restarted if its in mode is beer (profile or constant) hmm i’d still like it to restart and log the beer temp !  Although maybe thats my autistic side coming out, if it’s stopped when it was going, get it going again even though it’s not really needed, I think i might have to see if I can live with that one…Although what if you want to log  in the off state to see what heat  gets generated by the yeast activity ? Maybe i’m pondering too much on the inconsequential  ! Oh Really?

Updated @BrewPi to 0.3

Well this is a small update..

Just updated my GreenPi system with the rev c  shield to the latest 0.3 version.

At first I did an update/upgrade  to the system and then installed the update tools and ran the update script. this worked well, although when it asked for a username to pop changes to my system  I was slightly fused.  I just hit enter and let it go. the script updated  the software on the Pi  and when it had finished I then reflashed the Leonardo to the latest firmware. After a restart my usual web interface appeared as the update script had preserved my changes to index page and beer panel, the downside was I still was using google docs for the brewing profile, so I Decided to run the install script in the tools directory.  Nice new interface then appeared compete with the new localised Beer profile, Nice, really nice, a lot of effort has gone in ,  but my simple changes to show the system name was now gone, I thought this was going to be  incorporated into the code base a while ago but hay ho,  easily put back, probably my fault for not being vocal enough as I’ve been absent from the Brewpi forums for a while, but it does mean i’ll have to spend some time and effort to GIT and try and incorporate my changes, it probably won’t happen, family life & all that…

hmmm where was he code to put the zoom sliders back onto that graph?

My first impressions are that its oscillating a bit in Fridge mode, should I leave it or reset to defaults ? I’ll leave it overnight to see what happens… if its still oscillating then I’ll blat it …

Have I been Slacking ?

Well not really…. I’ve still been brewing Big Smile just not blogging what I’ve been up to !

Currently on the go is a Milk Stout  that went into the F V last wednesday, took it’t time to start but is now off like a rocket Cool

I have also  got a Plumb wine on the go, started my first batch of Cider and bottled up what promises to be a corker of a wheat beer.

I have also been busy making Labels for my bottles…

Plumb wine
Apples 🙂
42 bottles of Wheat Beer

[spiderpowa-pdf src=””]ogrebottle_RIS_shed_iv_grey

#Brewday Roundup

Well that was a successful Brewday. The coin was tossed  and A Black IPA was made ..
The brew didn’t quite go as planned what I Thought was a 1/2 bag of crystal Malt was Biscuit Malt so I subbed Black Malt into the mash instead !

Recirculating the Black IPA

After listening to a Beersmith podcast on American IPA I decided to keep the mash temperature down to 64.5 and mash for slightly longer so the  OG came out  at 1.066, Slightly lower than the estimated 1.072 but hopefully it’ll be nice and light…

Sunday was transfer day / dry hop time for the Aussie Citra. Dry hopped with  21g of Citra i’ll leave it for 3 or 4 days and then Keg it ! 
OG 1.050 and at the time of transfer into the Secondary it had dropped to 1.010, so it’s 5.2% and i’m looking forward to it.

Something isn’t right …

Since i’ve introduced the second fridge  into my BrewShed, I seem to have had nothing but trouble with the BrewPi’s !
My latest woes have been with what is normally my rock solid Black Pi system ! The beer sensor has started to disconnect Cry
I’ve tried two during my latest brew and both have disconnected at random intervals. The GreenPi  system also keeps disappearing  from the network…

I hink the newest  fridge addition is the most likely culprit and  might be in  need some extra  suppression …..

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 22.15.35
 4 drop outs into idle mode


Hey after posting on @BrewPi forum it looks like I found a Bug in the update temperature codeCool

Bastogne Ale Bottles and Kegged and @BrewPi

This morning I managed to get 20 bottles full with 7.82 % Bastogne/Trappist Ale, the rest went in to the Keg.
OG 1.080, FG 1.020….

Looking forward to tasting this in 3 or 4 weeks time.

Yesterday there was a nice new REV C BrewPi shield kit waiting for me when I got in from Work. Elco was kind enough to also send me a bare  Rev B Shield PCB to build up, which, once I manage to get it up to our Technical Support Services SMD facilities and build it, I plan to hack around and play with on the mega2560 and the  I2C displays Cool
Piccies to follow when my phone is charged Sad


Yesterdays #BrewDay didn’t go without it’s problems !Hell Boy
I need to sort out the mesh in the bottom of the Mashtun, either that or get another Stainless Steel mash Tun with a better fitting False bottom ! The grist came past the edges of the mesh and blocked the copper tube filter plus the Weight of 9Kg of malt didn’t help !
Then in the Last 1/2 of the boil the thermal trip on the boiler kept cutting out so boil was at 88c… In the end the contents were dumped back into the mash tun and the boiler bottom was removed and the trip bypassed Oops
The boil then resumed…

Took longer than anticipated but lets hope the Trappist/Bastogne ale  comes out ok Big Smile

OG of the Bastogne 1.080 which is pretty close to the design value of the Beersmith recipe

Now what temperature should i throttle it down to  ? Smile1 don’t want too much of that banana in there …

#BrewDay Not

I had planned to have a brewday on this Bank Holiday Monday, but instead I’m having a Social Day…
Something has aggravated the old Back.
The recipe was to be this..

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.29.59

Although Since I was having trouble getting the Bastogne Yeast, I had to settle for

White Labs WLP500 – Trappist Ale Yeast

Once in the FV I was going to keep a tight control on the temperatureDribble as it’s rumoured to a bit unwieldy , we’ll see …

Thats if the yeast is Ok as it’s been stored in the fridge for 3 weeks whilst waiting for Orange Peel !! 
Hopefully i’ll get to it later in the week or next weekend Big Smile

I have also been tweaking the BrewPi web code to show me which system I am looking at.
I have changed the hostname  of each system, found in /etc/hostname and also not forgetting to change it in /etc/hosts  ..
I have two RaspberryPi controller BrewPi’s, one in a green Case and the other in a Black case so naturally they’re greenpi and blackpi Smile
I changed line 29 in the beer-panel.php to

<span id=”beername”><?php echo gethostname();?> Is Fermenting: <?php echo $beerName;?></span>

and also changed the index.php line 39 to be

<title><?php echo gethostname();?> reporting for duty!</title>

much better, I can now tell which is which. Big Smile

new-old brew fridge

A family friend is getting a new fridge/freezer Big Boss

So next week end I will become the lucky benefactor and a second Beer fridge will spring into life….Big Smile

Watch this space there may be conversion in progress for  another fermenter or a conditioning  setup …