Blackcurrant Pale Ale update

Well I think I need to try doing this one again.. The first attempt at a low ABV has flopped dramatically …. OG1.038 FG 1.006 =4.2%ABV not the 2.8%ABV I was aiming for..Next time I’ll do the mash higher,I’ll up the temp to 72˚c .

Cold Crashed it whilst in Amsterdam
Cold Crashed it whilst in Amsterdam


My initial tasting …Quite Thin and not very Blackcurrant…


#HomeBrew Allgrain No48 a 2.8% Pale

Saturday 7th Feb..

A shed day, Cleaning and repairing also transferring the Simcoe -Citra to the secondary F.V. and Dry hopping it even tough it hadn’t quite finished, the  S.G was 1.01 so thats 7.4% ABV . I also moved the hinges on the Fermentation Fridge to the right so it opened against the wall, much better…but had to repair it in the process….

Hinge Repair

Monday 09th Feb.. #Brewday

After the N.C.B. day and challenge to make a 2.8% Ale  I decided to do a trial run ..A Blackcurrant Pale Ale

Blackcurrant Pale

Mashed it at 68.5˚c as I was uncomfortable going higher in the first instance , Shane from N.C.B suggested 72˚c if this doesn’t work out i’ll try higher…

the O.G. was 1.038 slightly higher than BeerSmith predicted (1.032) and it was soon bubbling away with a 3rd generation US-05 starter. Fermentation Temp is set to 18.5˚c and I’ve already had to change the Blowoff water twice…

Very active starter on Sunday
Very active starter on Sunday

Cheers Dad – 3 years already….

#HomeBrew Allgrain No47 and Northern Named Events

Sunday 18th of Jan saw me doing my 47th Allgrain Brew, another Simcoe Citra IIPA, I decided to do this Hop monster again due to the popularity it gained from my work mates…

I roughly followed the same recipe as last time but didn’t have any Candi sugar to hand so added the same amount of  Lyle’s Golden Syrup. The day went without a hitch and on getting the OG of 1.066 I was a little disappointed until I saw the previous brew sheet and that only achieved 1.067 so I won’t complain just yet… I am keeping the ferment on the cool side down at 15˚c for the first 7 days and Rising to 16˚c for the second. I shall up the dry hopping quantities to the full amount called for by the recipe this time , the previous brew I only used 50G of each of the Simcoe and Citra but this time I’ll try the full 75g.

Wednesday the 28th was a meet the Brewer night at Northern Monk Brewery’s refectory in collaboration with the Leeds Home Brew Collective, Nice to meet everyone, the Food and Beers were both excellent but personally I found the backround noise too distracting during the talk and unfortunately missed quite a lot of the narrative . The Refectory will definitely be getting some future visits  so will Bundobust, the food in there smelled great when we popped in for a quick pre meeting drink.

Northern Monk Refectory
Norhern Monk Talk

Saturday 31st of Jan I was invited along to a Northern Craft Brewers day out to White Rose Cooperage at Thorpe Arch and then their Meeting at the Junction in Castleford, a pub that is actively keeping its ales in the Wood. The visit to the cooperage was short but quite informative. There was a Very large vat being made, I can’t tell you which brewery it was for, but it was replacing one thats been in service since 1814

Huge VAT under construction

Huge VAT underway

Huge VAT underway

Alastair at work


Back at the Junction in Castleford, the beers were on top form and i’d like to thank Neil for letting the NCB members tour his cellar, It’s the first time i’ve been in a cellar believe it or not….

anyway…That’s it for this post… oh nearly forgetting to mention ….my best ever Christmas present from my two lads, a selection of embroidered t-shirts, polo shirts and sweat shirts.

Best Christmas present from my Lads
Best Christmas present from my Lads