August and September brews

I have been a bit slack on updating the blog lately… There has been Too much on at work …. but I have managed to do a couple of brew days.
On the 29th of August I did a split batch or Parti Gyle. The malt bill was mainly Pilsen Malt.screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-21-07-02

The mash schedule was as follows;-

44L @ 64.5˚C . recirculated for 60 minutes
add 15L @ 75˚C and recirculate for 5 minutes
Draw off 32L to Copper for 1st Boil
add 15L @75˚C and recirculate whilst Boil

this schedule gave me a post Boil OG = 1.060
and for the second Brew a post boil OG = 1.045

The 1st Boil Hop Additions

40g Brewers Gold 60 mins
25g Huel Melon 30 mins
15g Huel Melon 15 mins
10g Huel Melon 5 mins
50g Huel Melon Dry Hop 3 days

2nd boil Hop Additions

30g Brewers Gold 60 mins
12g Pioneer 60 mins
15g Citra 30 mins
10g Citra 10 mins
5g Citra 5 mins
15g Citra Flame out
35g Citra dry hop 3 days
35g Citra 2nd dry hop for 3 days

These two brews fermented out, one in the fridge and one in the Cellar to give me two very nice brews, PurpleOgre’s Humber Melons @ 5.5% ABV and Double C Pils at 4.6 %ABV

The Second Brewday

on the 20th September was a double brewday but not a Parti-Gyle !
Brew No 1 …my second itteration of the UKBIPA for the NCB vs MCB on the 29th October.
Not giving out the recipe just yet, But it contains just UK only commercial hops !
None of the UK grown US hops that some of the MCB are rumoured to have used….

Brew No2 … a mainly Home Grown hopped Brew


This contained 60g of home grown Brewers Gold and 42g of home Grown Chinook, I was pretty impressed with 42g dry weight from the Chinook as it was only planted this spring…!