More Lockdown Brews

Lockdown RIS and a Nut brown Ale (sort of ..!)
In Early April I decided to make another slightly modified batch my Russian Imperial stout and timed it so that the Lockdown ESB went into the Cornie the same day so that I Could drop it onto the Yeast Cake.

The #Brewday went very smoothly hitting an O.G of 1.105 (the Tilt reported it as slightly higher but I tend to use the hydrometer for accurate readings..) anyhooo It went off like a rocket and I had a mess to clean up ….

Overly Vigorous Ferment

The S-04 yeast really did chew through the Wort but then dramatically slowed after 3 and then very slowly dropped ending up with a F.G of 1.030 making it 10.2%

Tilt fermentation in BrewBlox

Yesterday I had a very late Brewday, I got the HLT on and it was up at temperature by 11:00 but after our daily lockdown exercise/dog walk I had a severe case of loss of MoJo and nearly switched the HLT off ! After an internal ticking off the #brewday got going at 14:00

Nut Brown Ale kind of!
Brewpi Herms log

My next post I’ll update with fermentation graph for the Gervin Ale yeast from Wilco’s as it’s the first time using it..
and I almost forgot I put a Demijohn of wine on, made from fruit juice, grape juice and brewing sugar..