#Homebrew number 43

Sunday saw me do my 43rd Allgrain #homebrew 

I started off on Saturday Lunchtime taking stock of ingredients for another Black IPA in readiness for December, possibly for Christmas. I soon realised that I had enough ingredients to do a regular Bitter based on the now Defunct Castle Eden Brewery’s Bitter. So a starter was prepared saturday afternoon using harvested and rinsed Yeast from the Addingham Pale…

Harvested and stored yeast
Bringing back to room Temp…


link to me oxygenating the satrter https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1544629592449792&l=8819799905800758869


It didn’t take long to get going

Sunday the HLT was on Early but then I got totally Side tracked and didn’t start the Dough in until late morning I subtly changed the recipe …


The Brewday went without a hitch and the OG came in at 1.035/ 1.036 if you are feeling generous…

10.036 ?


I Aerated the wort with pump and airstone and got the usual Foam Monster 

Foam monster...

I’m Quite happy with the Boiler and hop filter combination from MrLard (homebrewbuilder) . It has very little deadspace.

not much deadspace..

The Brew is fermenting out in the Cellar as the @BrewPi fridge is occupied with the Belgian Triple but i’m using the second @BrewPi to just track the ferment….

Beer Temp is the Green


#BrewDay #Homebrew AG #42 Belgian Triple

Yesterday Was a Brewday, A slightly un-prepared Brewday, I should have had a yeast starter on the go friday or saturday but was just too tired after Thursdays Shedquarters session with a couple of workmates…and then Saturday I just ran out of time before we set off for my Brothers 50th Birthday Bash up near PeterLee. So that Out of date WLP500 Still hadn’t started when I checked on it this morning.. Fingers Crossed…..

So yesterdays brew for a Duval type clone went well but slightly below the OG that I was hoping for, due to the Lid on the Boiler slipping back into place whilst  I went for Lunch and so having a closed boil…. in retrospect I should have let it boil for another 30 mins as it didn’t have the late Hop additions in it yet….

Still 1.086 isn’ t too shabby but below the 1.096-1.099 predicted lets hope it ferments out lower than 1.024 as per the recipe…

1.086- below predicted
1.086- below predicted



@olicanabrewing Demo @addinghamBeer & Collab Brew…

Saturday the 4th of October saw our Olicanabrew club give a Brewing Demonstration for Addinghan Beer Festival.  It was well attended,  the organisers reporting the numbers for Saturday afternoon were well up on previous years. Gaz did most of the Presenting with Nick doing a bit, I even surprised myself and explained a bit of the Barley Malting Process whilst helping out with the Vastly expedited Brew process! a big  Well done to Gaz and Nick for Holding it together. The Club or Brewing Collective as we were introduced as.. brought along 4 beers for the Festival goers to sample, Peter and Al’s Pineapple IPA , Brommo’s Gods Own IPA, Nicks Hibiscus IPA and mine and Gaz’s Addingham Pale ale.  I have been a bit lax and forgot to note their ABV’s, Sorry Guys…

We seem to have a running theme common with the beers for the meetings lack of conditioning time.. I’m not sure the Cask ales had time to condition and settle properly for the festival, as the samples that I had before the demo were a bit Cloudy as they had only had a day and 1/2 to settle after their journey !

Mine and Gaz’z Pale was the one and only Keg on at the Festival, so I had to bring along the CO2 , a regulator  and party Tap…! .  I also tried to make sure it would dispense properly by taking along a coolbox with 10Kg of ice and one of my F.V.s to stand it in iced water, it worked to a fair extent and cooled it considerably  but still  fobbed a little without a flow controlled tap ….

During our demonstration our beers were hawked around the main hall and offered up to willing quaffers..and on the whole  think they were well received, one guy even came up and personally praised mine and Gaz’s Pale Ale .. chuffed.. 

Nick announced that he was trying to organising a Collaboration Brew  some time in the new year with a local Brewery, looking forward to that  and He also has the idea of expanding on  that to get more collaboration Beers on the go with other breweries and get a Home Brew Collaboration Beer Festival organised, If that comes about it’ll be fantastic. ..

Gaz announced he was hiring a lock up to do his brewing in  that should Save his back, no more carrying FV’s etc down his hall into the bathroom … When it’s up and running I’d like a tour and do another collab brew…

Monday 13th I have taken off and plan to have a BrewDay, I’d best get the planned Belgian Tripel  done, Planned earlier in the summer but just not done… yeast starter needs doing as the yeast has been in the fridge since march so I’d best make sure its still viable..