HERMS using @BrewPi Spark and the @Baronbrew Brewometer/Tilt

I finally got my HERMS panel finished and installed in my Shedquarters .

HERMS Panel up and Running

It’s had two shakedowns, both times it has had different problems. On the first run I decided to do an Anchor Steam Clone. The BrewPi was set to Fridge constant mode to get the HLT up to strike temperature and then after doughing in, on changing modes to Beer Constant the Beer probe temperature switched to 85˚C and stayed there, stubbornly refusing my attempts to 1) remove and then re assign the probe and 2) swap out and configure a standby probe. I only sorted it by cycling the power on the controller…. note to self add an external  switch, I don’t want to either open up the panel or SSH in to the Pi  to issue

sudo shutdown -r now

midway through  a mash….

Anchor Steam Clone underway

On the second Run things went smoothly (well nearly ), Fridge constant mode  successfully switched to profile mode after dough in  and was holding the temperature on the  at beer sensor ( probe in a T piece just after the tap on the Mash Tun ). There was approx a 2˚C temperature difference between the Beer sensor and the Room sensor which was just hanging into the top of the grain bed.  this second brew was a test for an NCB competition to brew Black IPA but only using English hops. Things seemed stable at 64.5 ˚C , so I left it in search of a cup of Tea.  I checked just before the profile was about to start its ramp up to 76.5˚to  fix the wort profile and noticed it was down a whole 1˚C.

The Element had gone !

In my efforts to diagnose it, I switched the BrewPi spark to  test mode  but this seemed a bit  buggy! The state of the outputs seemed to be locked into profile mode and wouldn’t allow me to change them, yes, the display on the spark changed but the logic seemed to be locked in to what it was doing previously… only changing when I  came out of test mode and changed it to mode OFF  and then back into test mode ..I am glad I put an isolation switched socket on two of the outputs !.  Brew rescued by just putting it in the copper and starting the boil without fixing the profile…(it was down a couple of points on the forecasted OG but I can cope with that…) Recipe below for completeness..

Caputre 2016-06-20 at 15.34.10

Whilst the Black IPA was in the FV the Brewometer from  that I ordered 3 weeks prior arrived .


I checked it’s calibration….(  I left it uncalibrated as it was spot on)IMG_1398

sanitised it and then when the Black IPA was transferred to the secondary over the weekend in it went…

I’ll post another screenshot when it looks like the Fermentation has stopped. This looks like a really  promising bit of electronics and my thanks go out to SBowler in the BrewPi Community for his integration of the Brewometer/Tilt into the BrewPi.. and of course BaronBrew for making it…

I’ll just finish off with a picture or two of the HERMS Panel with the door open showing its internals.




oh and NCB = Northern Craft Brewers..