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Since my last post back in October I have only managed to put in a few Brews.

#44 – Spiced Belgian Ale -21 Nov 2014

Spiced Belgian

This is still awaiting to be tasted as I used a combination of the US-05 Yeast and  harvested Wild/WLP500, It was transferred to the secondary after 5 Days and moved to the House Cellar and it’s slowly fermenting at the lowish 17˚c Temperature . I will be curious as to the result as I have decided the Belgian Triple Brew’s WYL500 yeast was dead ( it was 2 months past its useby and I was rushed so didn’t make a starter) and the resulting ferment was due to wild Yeast. I plan to put it into a Keg very soon…

#45 –  Black IPA 01 Dec 2014

Black IPA


I Decided to stray from the Recipe ever so Slightly and not add the final amount of Brewing sugar of the previous incarnations so the final ABV will be lower. This was using the Fawcett malt and didn’t quite make the estimated SG of 1.067 instead turning in at 1.064. I also used a 2nd generation WLP007 ( Dry English Ale) starter kept from the RIS back in March. This will alter the final taste a little and this yeast doesn’t attenuate  as much as the American Ale so the FG was a little higher at 1.014 still a nice 6.5% ABV beer.  I decided to do a little trial and bottled some before being dry hopped and then dry hopping the bulk for 7 days whilst in the Cornie using a fine mesh nylon Bag.  I managed to hobble down to the shedquarters and take the hops out on Sunday  and then re-gas the cornie. looking forward to sampling this over the Christmas period.

#46 – Wheat Beer 15 Dec 2014

Wheat Beer

This is the New Year Brew…

SG came in at 1.048 and is still in the fermenter. It shouldn’t need much conditioning  and I’m hoping with a little help from someone to do the  heavy lifting to get it into a cornie just after Christmas.. I don’t think it will last long as it’s a family favourite…

That ‘s it for 2014 apart from probably posting the FG of the Wheat Beer so have a great Christmas and all the Best for 2015..