Brewing In a Shed

Last year after my father died I took to Brewing at home, This hobby quickly turned from brewing kits into the Full grain experience.

An Electric boiler was bought and turned into a dual purplose HLT  & copper complete with hop stainer. After a bit of web searching a mash tun was made using a 45L igloo cooler and brewing began in earnest.

An ever increasing number of bottles led to the purchase of a Cornelius Keg closely followed by another then another, This Hobby was getting out of hand… Time for the SHED

  • Ground works were done…
  • IMG_3135
  • Sheds Erected
  • IMG_3188
  • and painted
  • IMG_3228
  • Brewing Commenced
  • IMG_3738
  • Fermented with BrewPi
  • Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 17.22.31
  • and ready to be Drunk
  • IMG_3150