more @brewpi Bank Holiday Musings

I’m sat here idly musing about conditioning beer in corny kegs in my  @brewpi fridge. Since the beer probe can’t get into the keg and have the stabilising mass of the beer around it, the @brewpi tends to oscillate a bit. So the probe needs insulating, at first I thought of magnets embedded in some sort of insulation but these don’t stick very well to stainless steel. Maybe I could come up with a suction cup affair to reliably hold the insulation ? Insulating tape tends to come unstuck or leave  sticky patches,  maybe a big elastic band ?
Maybe the Brewpi needs a 1 probe point control mode either that or I just use the ST1000 for the conditioning fridge.. I think  that I’ll muse some more over a beer from the shed Hell Boy

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 16.34.32