Yesterdays #BrewDay didn’t go without it’s problems !Hell Boy
I need to sort out the mesh in the bottom of the Mashtun, either that or get another Stainless Steel mash Tun with a better fitting False bottom ! The grist came past the edges of the mesh and blocked the copper tube filter plus the Weight of 9Kg of malt didn’t help !
Then in the Last 1/2 of the boil the thermal trip on the boiler kept cutting out so boil was at 88c… In the end the contents were dumped back into the mash tun and the boiler bottom was removed and the trip bypassed Oops
The boil then resumed…

Took longer than anticipated but lets hope the Trappist/Bastogne ale  comes out ok Big Smile

OG of the Bastogne 1.080 which is pretty close to the design value of the Beersmith recipe

Now what temperature should i throttle it down to  ? Smile1 don’t want too much of that banana in there …