#BrewDay @olicanabrewing challenge update II

I transferred the Columbus brewing challenge to keg yesterday but I’m not happy Oops
A quick sampling Of the brew from the testing tube when I measured the F.G.  left me with a soapy aftertaste ! So either it’s an attribute of the hop , which I’ve never used  before so i’m  not sure! or I’ve left it in the trub  in the FV too long ! If it hadn’t been blowing a whooley all week I’d have been down to the shed and  transferred it to a secondary . BTW. the FG was 1.008 so it’s coming in at 5.27% but I’m Very seriously thinking of doing it again but this time making sure I move it 1/2 way through to a secondary FV !!! But that ‘d be cutting it too fine for the next meeting! Hit with Brick

I’ll give it a couple of days then have another taste as it could have been the plastic cup….

7 thoughts on “#BrewDay @olicanabrewing challenge update II”

  1. OOOH!
    Trouble in the brew shed Rich?? What a shame, hope it rights itself.
    Had to cancel my brew day last week unfortunately but I’m on with it today, going ok so far.
    Is the taste that bed?

    1. Letting it settle for a few days and then i’ll give it a try in a clean glass 🙂 and let you know, It could be fine as my palate is a bit over sensitive sometimes !
      Although I did try it in a plastic camping beaker and in the past they’ve been known to have remnants of pop, washing up liquid etc etc cause the don’t go into the dishwasher and just get a rinse…
      hope your brew day works out

  2. Just had a quick taste in a glass and it’s not as bad at all as I thought but I’d value a second opinion….

  3. Thats good to hear, ill look forward to trying it!
    Went pretty well today thanks, small problem with a stuck sparge for while but I managed to clear it ok. I was filming as I went along so it ended up taking 9.5 hrs! 3 hours longer than usual!

  4. Yea, i had read a lot about the possibility of that happening but i managed to clear it by blowing up the valve and getting some of the hot water down into the base of the tun. Luckily it doesn’t need to be a crystal clear drink as i must have disturbed the grain bed 3 or 4 time during the sparge!

    1. Yes I have had to do that a few times until I twigged to throttle the flow back so it didn’t compact the grain bed as much….

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