Purpleogre bitter , Replacing my Boiler from @homebrewbuilder (MrLard) and whirlpools…

The Purpleogre Castle bitter is just about ready to transfer, took the SG last night and it had dropped to 1.010 so that will be this evenings task… although it’s a bit too close to the next meeting @olicanabrewing for my liking ! I normally like it to settle and condition for 20-30 days…

I Finally Decided on a new Boiler  capacity and so I have also been in touch with Mark at Homebrewbuilder to get a new 70L boiler Sorted…. although this week it seems to have gone strangely quiet. I think I need to give him a gentle prod to see if my last email went into his spam folder…

A comment from Gaz  has led me onto thinking about Pellet hops and whirl-pooling,  I normally use whole leaf hops and  if I try them  my immediate thought is what Flow rate do I need to get the whirl pool to pile those bits of trub in the middle…. I feel a bit of research in the offing mind you I have several other projects in hand one of which I REALLY ought to get finished but thats not a brewing project…

2 thoughts on “Purpleogre bitter , Replacing my Boiler from @homebrewbuilder (MrLard) and whirlpools…”

  1. Hi Rich
    How’s it going? Any sign of the boiler yet? mine took the full 6 weeks to arrive.
    are you intending to whirlpool in your new boiler? i was hoping to but when it arrived i realised that the pipe which feeds the outlet tap lies bang in the centre of the boiler, so all the trub sits right on the filter and clings to the wort, leading to a particularly slow transfer. i recon to be losing around 6 litres because of this! last brew (the bitter) i decided to use some hop bags to try and minimise the problem, it did help but now I’m worried I’m not getting the extraction i want! Im sure it will get sorted though!
    Its looking like my bitter isn’t going to be ready, I’ve struggled for time recently unfortunately. I’ll hopefully have something to bring along though.
    Cheers man
    ps, do you have any of your imperial stout at the mo?

    1. hi Gaz
      No sign of the boiler yet, ordered it last weekend .. I hope it doesn’t take 6 weeks though !
      I was toying with the idea of whirl pooling but looking at how other people do it i’d try it without the hop filter and have a shorter output tube so it picks up more towards the outside.. i’d also have to get a higher throughput pump..

      I have been drinking my bitter this afternoon as I was finishing up getting a coat of emulation in the shedquarters …
      no Russian Imperial left 🙁 I really need to put another batch on its past overdue … I’ll bring a bottle of the Simcoe IIPA along on tues 🙂

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