@olicanabrewing #Homebrew evening and #BrewDay #37

Monday evening was the @olicanabrewing meeting @Bar_tat,

Another successful event, It was the Imperial Stout or Fruit Beer Challenge , there were some really promising and nice beers for tasting although again we were suffering from young Beer and needed another week or two to condition properly and unfortunately Toms tasted slightly antiseptic one of the off flavours of an infection, during the Meeting and discussions on the train home we agreed we need to be more open with our criticism,  that way people have a chance of learning  and rectifying things for future brews. I thought my Russian Imperial was ok but Possibly  too sweet as it was designed to be 10.5 % but only achieved 9.5%

Gaz Brought up an idea for manning a stall and hopefully having beers from us at an event in Addingham in October. This sounds like Great Idea, I have never done anything larger than 25L , a while ago was given a plastic 9 from my local, It was from a small brewery in York that closed and the Brewer just disappeared leaving the cask behind, so this would be an ideal opportunity to try out cask conditioning.. this conversation led on to discussions of selling beer, I have had several people asking me to sell them some but I have to say no, I personally would love to be able to sell my beer but find the process of registering with HMRC, setting up and registering a business more than a little daunting, Maybe we should try and organise a speaker or a workshop event from some one who has gone through the process…

The morning after @olicanabrewing saw me very Groggy but still able to have Allgrain BrewDay No 37.

I used a slightly modified Columbus challenge recipe. Still using to original challenge weight of 50g of Columbus high alpha hops but now Designed to have an OG of 1.040 a bit lower than last time. The Pale malt went down to 2.5Kg and the Pilsner malt went up to 2Kg

1.040 if i read it right..!

It hit the mark spot on   although, I think I need to tweak my equipment profile as I ended up with 26L in the FV and using the pump to Aeriate the wort I ended up with a foam monster..!!

Foam Monster
Foam Monster

I decided to let this one ferment out in the Cellar which seems to be holding out around 19-20 ˚c this time of year, its using a starter from a US-05 second generation yeast and The Brew had already started when I checked it later in the evening