#Homebrew number 43

Sunday saw me do my 43rd Allgrain #homebrew 

I started off on Saturday Lunchtime taking stock of ingredients for another Black IPA in readiness for December, possibly for Christmas. I soon realised that I had enough ingredients to do a regular Bitter based on the now Defunct Castle Eden Brewery’s Bitter. So a starter was prepared saturday afternoon using harvested and rinsed Yeast from the Addingham Pale…

Harvested and stored yeast
Bringing back to room Temp…


link to me oxygenating the satrter https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1544629592449792&l=8819799905800758869


It didn’t take long to get going

Sunday the HLT was on Early but then I got totally Side tracked and didn’t start the Dough in until late morning I subtly changed the recipe …


The Brewday went without a hitch and the OG came in at 1.035/ 1.036 if you are feeling generous…

10.036 ?


I Aerated the wort with pump and airstone and got the usual Foam Monster 

Foam monster...

I’m Quite happy with the Boiler and hop filter combination from MrLard (homebrewbuilder) . It has very little deadspace.

not much deadspace..

The Brew is fermenting out in the Cellar as the @BrewPi fridge is occupied with the Belgian Triple but i’m using the second @BrewPi to just track the ferment….

Beer Temp is the Green