#BrewDay Anchor Steam Clone, RIS & BIPA

Yesterday was a brewday an Anchor Steam Clone Brewday ! It’s a while since I brewed an Anchor Steam Clone but I have a minor problem ! The Russian Imperial Stout that I placed in the cellar to finish in a secondary FV whilst the Black IPA fermented in the BrewPi fridge when I was away on training, to put it simply hasn’t .. and it’s causing a bottle neck.


I am wondering if the Cellar temp of 18-19˚c just wasn’t warm enough to finish it , as you can see from the above readings it only moved by 0.2 %

It’s the first time I have used this strain of yeast (WLP007), it is supposed to have a medium-high alcohol tolerance and an optimum 18-21˚c fermentation temperature. So the Freshly brewed Anchor Steam clone using  Fermentis US-05 yeast, which I know will ferment at lower temperatures than the Cellar temperature is now, is In the Cellar  along with it is the Black IPA which is  using a 2nd generation of the WLP007 . The RIS is in the Fridge at a warmer 23˚c . Lets hope its finished before the next Olicanabrew meeting.!

Although without an optimum 8 months bottle conditioning won’t be at its best.