Monday was a #BrewDay

Monday was a brew day , Belgian WheAt Beer !  I have brewed it  it a couple of times before ! The first time I brewed it I put the coriander seeds in Whole, result = not much flavour ! The Second Occasion I used a pestle and mortar to crack the coriander seeds, Flavour = moderate 🙂 .

This Time I put the coriander seeds through my manual coffee grinder on Course before adding then to the boil, lets hope it’s not too strong flavoured….


After listening to several BeerSmith Podcasts on my daily commute, I have changed my Wort Aeration technique ! instead of sitting there for 10 minutes violently aggitating the FV, I have invested in an air pump for a fish tank,  currently I’m using a normal  airstone but may upgrade to a stainless Steel one, the wheat beer was already off the blocks and producing gas 2 hrs after putting in the starter , I have had to change the blow off bottle every morning and evening  since Monday as its full of Krausen….

Monday I also Kegged the Black IPA , it’s FG was 1.016 making it a 7.59% brew, looking forward to sampling it…

On the saturday morning I also Kegged my Anchor Steam Clone, this had an OG of 1.060 and  the ferment  had slowed dramatically by friday evening and on taking the SG (1.010) saturday I decided to Keg and cold crash it , should be a healthy 6.58%

Hope fully I will see all the Olicanabrew folks on the 23rd , I’ll bring a couple of bottles of the RIS along but it’s only been bottled 2 Weeks and if the BIPA or Anchor has Conditioned  possible a pet of one or the other 🙂

My Next Brewday may be the day after the Brewclub meeting, thats if I’m not too Grey ……